Friends of the Centaure Society (FROCS)


Welcome to the Friends of the Centaure Society (FROCS). This website is for collectors and gun enthusiasts who are interested in the"Belgian Colt" and want to learn more about the European brother to the Hartford Colt 1860.


Dear FROCS and friends,

This website started in 2007 with the goal of sharing all we have learned about the Belgian "Colts". We have have shared over 4500 files with you via the site. This site will move to a different provider by December of this year. Wolf and Paden have joyfully covered the cost of the project for the last 9 years. These costs have become too great for us to continue with our current provider. To all the Pards and Pardettes around the world we say thanks for your contributions. Will let you know when new arrangements have been made.

Paden (left) and Wolf share Centaure M4 and SN87 during Wolfs good bye tour.


Wolf and Paden




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