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Welcome to the Friends of the Centaure Society (FROCS). This website is for collectors and gun enthusiasts who are interested in the"Belgian Colt" and want to learn more about the European brother to the Hartford Colt 1860.


The Meeting of the FROCS 2014 was held last month in Höfheim, Germany. Please explore the MOTF 2014 link above to see all of the pictures from this great event. The new Centaure book was revealed. Please read the story below.


Hello FROCS and Centaure Aficionados,
Sadly enough the 5th Meeting of the FROCS at the site of the Hofheim shooting club is history. You missed something so I am told by those attending. Hence this report for those who could not make it …
·         During the closed sessions on Saturday some 30 FROCS and Centaure Aficionados from Austria, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland attended the meeting.
·         One of the regional news papers by the name of Höchster Kreisblatt interviewed your truly on Friday and pointed interested citizens to the meeting and the exhibition on Sunday through a nice announcement in German .
·         After a welcome address the meeting was formally started by the two presenters of the  2014 FROCS Hall of Fame Awards
o   The Shooting Star Award went to FROCS #56 Michael "Archangel" van der Meulen, whereas the
o   Lifetime Achievement Award  was given to FROCS #44 Erik "Erik Fridjoffson" Schelenz
o   The program was continued with remarks on recent discoveries and findings of the Centaure research (bilingual version German/English enclosed)
·         Then started what we FROCS had been waiting for all the time – after a safety briefing – shooting the Centaures, making smoke and ringing steel during our main match and 2-shooter team shoot side matches (dubbed Singel und Dabbel Tiehm Schuth: Centaures and lever action rifle).
·         During these matches our master gunsmith, conversion artist and cowboy gun restorer by the name of FROCS #50 Karl "Luger Master" Nedbal showed some facets of his art by "healing" smaller and bigger ailments of some Centaures presented to him on the spot (free of charge).
·         One of the afternoon highlights was the auction of the only RNMA Super de Luxe currently included in the survey. The deal included a wooden case plus Italian accessories. The good news: the SdL found a new herd with one of the pards present. The bad news this herd is not ranging in Hofheim. Further goodies sold were a hand-made and nicely carved period holster set for the Centaure and an Italian Colt 1860 from the early 1970s with Buscadero holster. This whole auction show was staged by our "auctioneer" Jörg "Magic Joe" Ullrich.
·         The patron of the meeting who was also our main sponsor, Chief Executive of the Main-Taunus District Michael Cyriax, paid his visit during the afternoon in due time to attend the Celebrity and Sponsor Shoot. With him came one of his blue eyed young men by the name of Martin Woitschell. Woitschell is the guy behind the scene who pulled the strings when we needed technical or organizational support … in kind or else … This is something you always appreciate when setting up such a meeting. Cyrix gave his warm welcome talk on behalf of the District administration. He also indicated that he would be pleased to support similar meetings in the future. In response we invited both Cyrax and Woitschell to become honorary FROCS … which they thankfully accepted. Herr Cyriax now is FROCS #165 Chief Rub, Martin Woitschell's alias is FROCS #161 Reverend Martin.
·         From what I heard our celebrities and sponsors attending the Saturday sessions enjoyed shooting Centaure conversions and engaging steel target with BP loads. Together with sponsor Elmar "Silent Elmar" Hollerbach our brand new honorary FROCS Michael "Chief Rub" Cyriax out-performed the rest of them. 
·         All participants of the various shoots of the day received their certificates plus some sponsored goodies in kind during the casual get-together wining and dining during the evening around the campfire so to speak.
·         For the Centaure exhibition on Sunday which was open to the public some 40 participants and visitors from the regional shooting clubs and collector associations made it to the SV Hofheim site. We were able to present some 60 Centaure variants from the visiting FROCS. Among them was a unique cased RNMA factory engraved in de Luxe style. The engraving and coverage, however, was executed in Super de Luxe (!) fashion. In other words: a high gloss polish Super de Luxe without silver inlayed rings around the cylinder and muzzle (see pics). Like the years before this year's jury made of FROCS Hall of Fame award winners of the years 2013 and 2014 had to assess the quality of the Centaures on display in three categories
o   Regular New Model Army 1st Variation
o   Best Restored or Unusual Centaure
o   Finest Centaure
Like during the evening before certificates were printed for the winners thanks to the computer work of FROCS #56.
·         Some preliminary calculation of the financials indicate that we generated a gross revenue through the meeting exceeding by far last year's gross. The FROCS will present these Euros to the hosting shooting club to be used for their youth division. 
It is my honor to extend a hearty "thanks a bunch" to all those who supported and helped with this meeting, to make it possible in the first place. I thank the hosting SV Hofheim, the sponsors and donors in kind, the pards and pardetted who helped cleaning, building and later disassembling the stages and removing the props, the pards in the kitchen or at the grill and the pardette behind the bar …and I thank you, FROCS and Centaure Aficionados who live "around the corner" or spend hours and hours on the road to attend the meeting.
I hope it will be OK when I am ringing my own bell for a minute:
Since July 16, 2014 the Centaure book is reality . To realize this project self-publishing seemed to be prudent.
The first limited edition amounts to 100 copies only, printed by Bosch-Druck GmbH, Festplatzstraße 6, 84030 Ergolding.
I was able to get feedback on the book during the recent FROCS meeting. Although it is in English the response was a very positive one.
This is the first book dealing exclusively with the Centaure C&B revolver and Conversions.
There are seven chapters covering:
·         0 Introduction
·         1 Myth and Motherload
·         2 Facts and Figures
·         3 Models & Variations of the Centaure
·         4. Fiction, Odds & Ends
·         5 Centaure Conversions the Next Level of the Evolution?
·         6 Bibliography and Attachments
This book is the result of seven years of research into the Centaures together with James "Panhandle Paden" Frugé from Lubbock, TX, USA. It covers many facets of the history of our favorite percussion revolver, the Belgian brother of the venerable Colt M1860 Army.
I am particularly thankful for the foreword written by Nadine Hanquet, last president of the Belgian maker, and the endorsement of Dr. Jim Davis, founder of RPRCA – der Replica Percussion Revolver Collector's Association in the USA.
It's for all those shooters and collectors out there … and many, many others … I hope this book will eventually be referred to as the "Centaure-Bibel".
·         Title: Centaure aka Centennial Army – Myths, Fiction, Facts and Figures
·         Language: English
·         Author: Wolf D. Niederastroth
·         Format: w 19,5 cm, h 27,5 cm, t 2,5 cm
·         Volume: 289 pages, many, many colored pictures and tables
·         Price in Germany and most European countries: € 79,95 incl. 7 % VAT, plus packaging and shipping. Check back with me before you place your order
·         Inquiries/orders: to my company Niederastroth Consulting GmbH, Rossertstr. 19A, D-65719 Hofheim/Germany at, or by phone at +49-6192-901290 or +49-171-4529683
During the forthcoming open German Championship of the BDS im Westernschießen "Philippsburg Star 2014" in Philippsburg/Germany July 30 through August 3, 2014, you can purchase your copy from master gunsmith Klaus Mumme on site in Philippsburg in "the barrack".
Message for the FROCS and Centaure fans in the Americas: I am in the middle of talks with a US publisher to make the book available directly in the USA. To give you an idea shipping just one copy from Germany will incur shipping expense of € 17.00 alone and it will require an International money transfer from your bank because cashing in through say a credit card like VISA just is not possible …
Hence please be patient some. I'll keep you posted on the outcome of these negotiations.
Best regards from sunny Hofheim and c u all at the 6th Meeting of the FROCS 2015
Wolf D. "Long Johns Wolf" Niederastroth aka FROCS #2



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