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Welcome to the Friends of the Centaure Society (FROCS). This website is for collectors and gun enthusiasts who are interested in the"Belgian Colt" and want to learn more about the European brother to the Hartford Colt 1860.

We have combined the Downloads section and the Original publications. You can find them by using the link to the left or the one on the top of the page. We have 35 articles and forms available from publications such as the Cowboy Chronicle and many German language publications. Try them out.



CENTAURE BOOK - We only have 4 books left as of Jan.23.

The price is $89.95 plus $10 for Priority mail shipping in the US.

We are receiving VERY positive feedback on the book and two pards ordered two more after receiving their first copy.

All 285 full color pages are filled with everything you need to know about Centaures and are illustrated with hundreds of beautiful images. Wolf really out did himself explaining what has been learned in the seven year project.

Just email Paden at with your mailing address and preferred PayPal email. I will then send you a PayPal invoice.

Write soon. I will soon make these available to the general public.

FROCS#169 Jail has this to say:

"I am tight, and it is worth every penny." Signed Jail


Wolf and Paden

Meeting 2015


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