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Welcome to the Friends of the Centaure Society (FROCS). This website is for collectors and gun enthusiasts who are interested in the"Belgian Colt" and want to learn more about the European brother to the Hartford Colt 1860.


Wolf and Cornelia joined Paden and the Canadian River Regulators for their annual two day shoot in Clarendon, Texas. The weather was perfect and Jacobite Jack, the Captain, designed some great stages for the international gathering. The most challenging stage was the Run Away Mine Cart. We would like to thank the Hummels at the Bar H Dude Ranch for their hospitality.


Start of the Day

The Regulators. From Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Australia and Germany.

Wolf in Jail.

Capshaw in the mine cart. It was moving ...yikes !!

Paden in the cart with double barrel before the ride.

A Good time was had by all.

By the way, Paden beat Wolf again this year in the long range competition. I'm just saying ....

Wolf and Paden


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