Like Colt Firearms FAUL offered selected pistols in display cases. Different grades were available including elaborate wooden presentation cases with two locks. They could be had for single pistols with accessories as well as for stocked revolvers.

Shoulder stocks were standard with the 4-screw frame Cavalry Model and numbered to the gun on the butt metal. They are only documented with yoke and butt plate made of brass. Likewise it is not known if FAUL ever offered stocks for the 3-screw models since no specimen has surfaced which can be traced back to the Belgian manufacturer.

At the request of demanding customers FAUL supplied their revolvers with high quality powder flasks made by famous Dixon & Sons in England (see catalog). They are marked COLTS PATENT like the original.

2 cavity bullet moulds for a round and a conical ball could also be had. Regular finish was blued steel but moulds made of brass were available at request.

German dealers offered regular NMAs of the rebated plain cylinder variation with an extra cylinder added by the factory. This extra cylinder sported the proprietary Centaure naval scene engraving. Although these cylinders were listed in the catalogs as “stock” items they were always in short supply. These extra cylinders had their own serials on the breech side, i. e. they were not numbered to the pistol.

Vent picks and nipple wrenches found in cased sets and provided by the factory are unmarked. It is not possible to trace them back to FAUL. However one type of nipple wrenches observed was made of much harder steel then Italian wrenches. This one is assumed to be of Belgian origin.

Oil bottles marked Sheffield England are known from cased sets.

Few original cartons or handling instructions have survived. They were not numbered to the gun but a few dealers added stickers with the gun’s serials to the cartons. Cartons with black and blue lids are observed.

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Original Cartons

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S/N 969 extra cylinder

Nipple Wrench


Handling Instructions

Original Bullet Moulds