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Welcome to the Friends of the Centaure Society (FROCS). This website is for collectors and gun enthusiasts who are interested in the"Belgian Colt" and want to learn more about the European brother to the Hartford Colt 1860.



The Centaure book is now available in North America. The price is $89.95 plus $10 for shipping.

All 285 pages are filled with everything you need to know about Centaures and are illustrated with hundreds of high res images. Wolf really out did himself explaining what has been learned in the seven year project.

Just email Paden at with your mailing address and preferred PayPal email. I will then send you a PayPal invoice.

The first 10 people who order will also receive a FROCS hat at no additional cost.

FROCS#169 Jail has this to say:

"Ok it's not THE BOOK, but it is easier to understand than the Saint James Version, on a subject similarly distorted over the years.

I happened to pursue my quest for knowledge about the Belgium Colts that I would occasionally see for sale on the various web sites, while looking for a bright fluted cylinder gun to case with my Nickel 2nd Generation Army. I have yet to come up with the gun, but I did hit pay dirt in finding Wolf and Paden just as a few copies became available in the US. They both went out of their way to see that I had a copy.

Those of us late to the party are glad to obtain any information on the Belgium Colts, and Wolf, Paden and the entire collaboration group have apparently gone far beyond the call of duty in producing a quality printing of 287 numbered pages of facts and figures on a subject with little data left by a modern manufacturer. I think there is more Company date available on Colts, even after the fire.

The book addresses pertinent questions from several different angles and while not being as straight forward as the sun coming up tomorrow morning is vastly more understandable than is the average woman. It will cost you a couple of mornings home drinking coffee rather than going to your favorite coffee shop, but I am tight, and it is worth every penny." Signed Jail

Wolf and Paden


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